Modern Day Cure

New Single: Confident

Modern Day Cure is worship band based in Nashville, TN. The married couple ministry-duo Aaron and Tamar Chipp heart is to exalt Jesus, share His truth, and see people changed by His power. Their name is inspired by Hebrews 13:8, which states “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.” This truth makes Him the modern day cure. They believe Jesus is the answer the world needs today.

He is Working While We Wait

In Psalms 27:14, David tells himself to wait on the Lord. He goes on to challenge himself to be brave and courageous. Then he utters a second admonishment to wait on the Lord.  The repetition is no accident. David was familiar with the ache of waiting. He waited in the fields as a shepherd boy. He waited as he ran for his life hiding from Saul. Even as the anointed next King of Israel, he waited on God to put him in position as King, denying the opportunity to take Saul’s life out of revenge. David understood the importance of waiting, even through grueling circumstances. He trusted that God was working while he waited.

Like David, we can be confident that God is working as we wait on Him. We have to be careful not to mistake God’s silence for negligence. Often times, we want an immediate answer or sign after we pray. We wait, and after some time, we start to wonder. Did He hear us? Did He get our message? Is He working? The answer is yes. In the silence, God is orchestrating His plan and design that speaks loud ly and clearly in its time. That’s why, sandwiched in the middle of David’s declaration to wait patiently for the Lord, he tells his heart to be brave and courageous.

I’ve been walking through this very season.

God recently showed this to me while planning a very large-scale event. I was working with an event coordinator who was very experienced. She was highly recommended and her service and knowledge was exemplary. As we corresponded, mainly through email, I noticed that it would take a bit of time for her to respond. Sometimes I wouldn’t hear back from her for a few days. I would nervously follow up and she would graciously affirm that everything was under control.

We met together a few days before the event for a final walkthrough to discuss details. As we neared the end of the meeting, she stopped and looked at me very intently, touched my arm, and said calmly, “Tamar, just because I’m not responding as quickly as you’d like, doesn’t mean I’m not working. I’m taking the time to do what you’ve requested. I have your back. Everything is going to be great!” 

At that moment, I knew I was in good hands and the event would be everything I hoped it to be. I knew the Lord was reassuring and calming my fears about the unknown in my work and personal life. He spoke through this woman to reassure me that He was indeed working, sometimes without evidence right away. Even in the silence, I could rest knowing that while I'm waiting, God is working on my behalf. I left that meeting with a confidence I didn’t have when I walked in.

In every season, we can rest assured that God is working while we wait. Hope in the Lord, my friend, as you wait on the promise.

“I wait for the LORD, my soul does wait, And in His word do I hope.” -Psalms 130:5

-Tamar Chipp

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