Modern Day Cure

New Single: Confident

Modern Day Cure is worship band based in Nashville, TN. The married couple ministry-duo Aaron and Tamar Chipp heart is to exalt Jesus, share His truth, and see people changed by His power. Their name is inspired by Hebrews 13:8, which states “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.” This truth makes Him the modern day cure. They believe Jesus is the answer the world needs today.

Trust the Producer

Tamar and I were in the car the other day listening to CONFIDENT when the Holy Spirit spoke so clearly to me in that moment. 

There was a particular element in the song that we were unsure of while the track was being built in its early stage. We thought it sounded out of place. Our producer (who we affectionately call “Uncle Jay” for his patience and wisdom), told us to hold on and focus on the big picture and that it would all make sense once the other instruments were added to the track. So we listened to Uncle Jay, lived with the track for several weeks as the song began to take shape, and in time, noticed that we started to like the placement of the part we originally questioned. As we were listening back in the car that day, I turned to Tamar and told her how glad I was that we kept that part and how it sits just right in the mix. If that part wasn’t there, something would be missing.

Sometimes there are elements, seasons, and situations in our lives that we don’t like. If we focus on them without a big-picture view, we can become discouraged and disillusioned while God is making something beautiful. He’s the master producer. If we submit to Him in the process, we’ll look back and realize why that “part” of our life had to be there. He’s just making sure that the sound of our lives is full, complete, and reverberates His glory. 

- Aaron